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Gaming (igraća) Podloga za miš Sharkoon 1337 XL


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1337 – The Gaming Mat for the Elite

Pro gamers know that any distraction during heated matches can mean defeat. This is why the Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mat sits timelessly minimalist on the desk and, with its perfect gliding properties, never distracts from the essentials even during concentrated gameplay.

Smooth Operation

The black textile covered surface of the 1337 Gaming Mat ensures no noticeable resistance. It does not matter whether its plastic slides or ceramic feet; smooth operation guaranteed during gaming sessions. The nonslip rubber base never affects gameplay and clings passionately to any surface, similar to how a player clings to victory. With its slim thickness of a max. 2.4 mm, it feels like it almost disappears under rapid mouse movements.

Always Enough Space

For those who think bigger is better, they are spoilt for choice: The 1337 Gaming Mat is available in four different sizes, from a subtle 280 x 195 x 1.4 mm up to a gigantic 900 x 400 x 2.4 mm, providing the right foundation for every game. Also, the 1337 can go anywhere by being conveniently rolled up, or folded, and stored practically anywhere.


  • XL: 444 x 355 x 2.4 mm
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